The flying Samurai!

Born : Curitiba-PR , Brazil
Residing : Curitiba - Brazil
Status: Pro Skater
Stance : Regular
Board : 8.125" x 32" x 14 1/4"WB
Terrain : Vert / Bowl / Park

Augusto or Guto for the closest friends or  AKA:  "JAPINHA" (Little Japanese)  is a natural Vert rider on its essence , his very technical style and stretched airs are the highest points of his skating.

The Tech Samurai

Guto has only 17yrs of age with a lot of international experience. He has been on Vans Combi AM for the last 2 yrs in a row - always impressing by technical style and air attack

Augusto comes from a Eastern family from Japan, with that, he inherited the calmness and the precision where it's noticeable applied on his skateboarding - during the years Augusto was evolving and polishing his technique at the point there was no where else to go but to become a PRO skater at the end of 2017.

He mixes old school and modern skateboard tricks with such a perfection.

Augusto brings the warrior spirit to the crew of Patrons and his humility is contagious. 

videos courtesy of: HOCKS footwear


Guto has been one of the brazilian vert/bowl riders exponents. Always in a chill mode he impresses by the stretched airs up in sky. Mixing old school tricks with modern ones - Guto was a big surprise for Dreamin' when he accepted to join the crew of Patrons. 

Guto is fortunate to have a skateboard complex at his backyard, where he evolves everyday. And We, from Dreamin' are fortunate to have Guto with us. A bright future waits for Guto and we want to be part of it.


Length : 32" 

Width : 8 1/8" (8.125) 

Wheel Base: 14 1/4"

Nose : 7 "

Tail : 6 5/8" 

Artwork by: 

Design/Shape : Professor Schmitt

 Manufacturing: PS Stix

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