Just Happiness !!

"So Alegria" 

Born : Curitiba-PR , Brazil
Residing : Curitiba - Brazil
Status: Pro Skater
Stance : Regular
Board : 8.50" x 33 1/8" x 14 1/8"WB
Terrain : Vert / Bowl / Park

Iago is a skate prodigy and phenomenon - At his 21 yrs of life he has achieved impressive marks -  A natural bowlrider, Iago fire up the crowd and impress by his speed and massive huge airs - He's currently being considered to be one of Pedro Barro's successors. 

Making History!

Iago has finally made history by being the first brazilian ever to win the VANS COMBI AM in 2016 (16+) - Iago then turned PRO

 Although the year of 2017 started out pretty good for Iago, where he  took 3rd place in his very first PRO contest, staying behind only of   Pedro Barros (1st) and Ivan Federico (2nd) , a couple months later   his father Mr. Heitor Magalhaes suddenly passed away. Mr. Heitor   was his biggest supporter and partner in crime - his father dropped   everything to give  Iago all support he needed in his career, his father   also became his exclusive photographer and travel buddy.


Iago first learned about Dreamin' during his first PRO contest in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in  early 2017. But sure enough Iago was under Dreamin's radar already.

Iago was Dreamin' s  "dream" (pardon the cliche) for a long time, and seemed impossible to happen, as  after winning  VANS COMBI AM in 2016 Iago's career started a steep growth.

It was then, during his last stay in California, his team mate back then, Evandro Mancha gave Dreamin' a little help and Iago a little push. 

After long talks, Iago decided to test our decks - approved - and the magic happened!!!  Iago finally became one of ours - a PATRON!


Length : 33 1/8" 

Width : 8 1/2" 

Wheel Base: 14"1/8

Nose : 7 3/4"

Tail : 6 3/4" 

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