One of the most daring skaters in the world!!

Born : Sao Paulo, Brazil
Residing : Vista, CA -  USA
Status: Pro Skater
Stance: Regular
Board : 8.50" x 33 1/8" x 15"WB
Terrains: Mega Ramp / Vert / Bowl / Park

Italo is considered one of the most daring skaters in the world. As an outstanding skater in different terrains he's also an xtreme sportsman - you can find Italo skydiving or goofing around on his dirt bike !

                                         pic : Tio Verde

Biggest Air Ever!!

The 27 yrs old Brazilian achieved an amazing 23'10"ft mark during the X-Games BIG AIR 2017 finals - Italo placed 4th and now holds the record of the biggest air ever in the X-Games

Italo was the first Pro skater to join Dreamin's crew of Patrons. His partnership with the Company comes from  late 2016 and has straighten up since then.  Italo brings more than the Company expects of him, a lot of charisma, commitment, respect and humility - added up with a huge talent on skateboarding.

With a great style, Italo has an extensive set of tricks in which he throws in any type of terrain and in any condition.


Italo signs his first model  with Dreamin' Skateboards and it's also the Company's first PRO-MODEL being launched.

He have participated on the development of mold, shape, concave  and artwork. With the artwork creation by John Sancho and design and manufacturing by PS Stix. Italo was finally introduced to his creation during the OI PARK JAM INT'L 2018 by the hands of Dreamin' CEO and Co-Founder Ronnie Grimberg.

" It was really an unexpected surprise to me.... I was very anxious to see the final result, specially after all the hard work putted into it. The artwork in special means a lot to me cause it reflects and tells a bit of the story of my career  as skater and the birth of my first child - THEO, it also captured part of my experience in living in California in an RV"


Length : 33 1/8" 

Width : 8 1/2" 

Wheel Base: 15"

Nose : 7 3/4"

Tail : 6 3/4" 

Artwork by: John Sancho  

Final Art Tune : 

Design/Shape : Italo Penarrubia

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