The Showman!!

Born : Rio de Janeiro , Brazil
Residing : Niteroi - Brazil
Status: AM Skater
Stance : Regular
Board : 8.25" x 33 1/8" x 14 1/8"WB
Terrain :  Bowl / Park / Street

Lucas  AKA : COFRINHO ( coo-free-new) is the Showman of the crew of Patrons - he's the one that pulls out that one trick or sometimes a set of tricks that makes your jaws literally fall on the ground.

NBD (never been done)

Lucas never stops surprising.  He shows versatility and creativity on the same trick that requires persistence and geniality .  

His style and precision are skills you don't find in many skaters around the world.

Lucas is a multi-terrain skater that adapts himself to any condition - with only 22yrs of age he has been shifting  his career to what best fits his style - Bowl and Park .  Lucas was in the last two Vans Park Series of the brazilian stop (Floripa and Serra Negra) and is eager for more.

He dropped a video-part (see video below) a couple years ago that was awarded one of the best parts in Brazil  - the " DO RIO" (FROM RIO) skate documentary  produced by the renowned video maker and photographer Pedro Macedo, congregated the best skaters of Rio de Janeiro state and Lucas was there throwing a couple of bangers.



Lucas was the first one to join Dreamin' Patrons -  he was hand picked due to of what he represents for the skateboarding of  Rio de Janeiro and of course his talent and charisma.

He comes from a humble family and the skateboard is all he have and what he does best Lucas has a unique type of skating that can't be found so easily , there's no big gap or transition that don't deserve his massacre. 

He is the face of Dreamin' anywhere he goes - we are very well rep'ed by Lucas.


Length : 33 1/8" 

Width : 8.25" 

Wheel Base: 14"1/8

Nose : 7 3/4"

Tail : 6 3/4" 

Artwork by: 

Design/Shape : Professor Schmitt

 Manufacturing: PS Stix


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