Born : Houston , TX - USA
Residing : Houston,TX - USA
Status: AM Skater
Stance : Regular
Board : 8.125" x 33 1/8" x 14 1/8"WB
Terrain :  Park / Street

Preston (aka: P-Money) is the gap and handrail banger of the crew - attacking 'em with no mercy! 

Video Courtesy: Pro Design Inc. Wrist Guards

Nor too big or too steep...

Preston is the master of the handrails , stair sets and gaps - never steep or big enough - he simply destroy every single one that crosses his path.

Preston is one of street skaters of the crew of Patrons of Dreamin' . 

Well known in the Houstonian skate scene, Preston is our rep from H-Town , now to the world.

Preston has the essence of the skate - passion and enthusiasm, restless and fearless , watching P-Money skating is a lot of fun!


Videos Courtesy : EZ7 Houston


Preston (P-Money) is not only the gap/stairs set/rails banger but he also has the gift of the flip - more than that, the double flip. The amount of flip variations he throws on the most challenging  spots is just from another world. He double flip stair sets and hand rails like no other can do.


Length : 32 " 

Width : 8.125" 

Wheel Base: 14"1/4

Nose : 7 1/8"

Tail : 6 1/4" 

Artwork by: 

Design/Shape : Professor Schmitt

 Manufacturing: PS Stix