Surprising Visit at Houston Vert Ramp "HVR"

We visited the one and only Private Vert Ramp located in Houston - The HOUSTON VERT RAMP (HVR)
A 13'ft tall and 60'ft wide  Vert ramp surfaced with the impeccable GATOR SKIN!! Considered the biggest Privately Owned Vert Ramp in Texas.
it is also equipped with LED Light Spots strategically located for better illumination and to not affect the skater during his line. 
Owned by this great dude  Scott Arnebold and supported by vert skating passionate friends!
Skating on this bad boy it's currently by Invitation Only
 Scott is a great guy and you can contact him - he usually responds to inquires instantaneously through HVR's Instagram. 
Images from Social Media and HVR Website