Our Story

It was always a teenager dream. A dream to be able to do something different and to energize people. We started out with an ambitious plan to break the world of the skateboard and surfing industry by introducing passionate and personalized products to people.

From The Beginning

It was on that moment  that you see your life goes by and think to yourself :  "I love this, Why not?" - Then all of the sudden things started to roll out. At first , we needed a name - didn't take too much time , we call "DREAM"...better.... let's call DREAMIN' !! Then we had to think on the Logo, something that would represent the new Company  name and our feelings. 

What about the elephant... huummm - what does it represent ?

The elephant symbolically  represents : good memory, persistence, determination, solidarity, sociability, friendship, companionship, position, authority, longevity, wisdom and majesty. 

We are what we believe

We believe that we can make a difference.

We believe that we can motivate people to live the skate and surf lifestyle to its fullest.

We truly believe and rely on people and to help people achieve their goals.

We believe that you can live your dreams.

A message from our CEO

"We believe in authenticity which is reflected in our product designs, graphics and ultimately in our product quality."

-Ronnie Grimberg