Dreamin x Max Mueller Collab - Mind Control
Dreamin x Max Mueller Collab - Mind Control

Dreamin x Max Mueller Collab - Mind Control

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This special edition of Dreamin x Max Mueller Collab

The Mind Control

  • 7x ply Great Lakes Region Certified Maple
  • Cold Pressed
  • Light weight
  • Professional street/transition deck
  • Heat transfer graphics technology
  • Made in Mexico 


for BRAZIL please access http://www.psupply.com.br/ or check out  the FIND US tab  to see the where is the nearest Skateshop close to you.

Exclusively distributed in Brazil by : Mussi Warehouse   / www.mussiwarehouse.com

      Learn more about our decks.

      Deck Construction

      The Logs comes from the Great Lakes region of North America, each log is tagged and traceable if needed - while the veneers comes from the Mills of Wisconsin.

      Our decks are built with 7 x ply of Premium Hard Maple;

      • Multi Bond Epoxy - Exclusive Formula
      • Featherweight
      • Thinner veneers
      • Crafted to perfection on measures and concave

      Single Deck Mold Pressing


      Our decks are pressed individually in its own mold, that means , one deck per mold - keeping the bonding consistency and the same structure - avoiding variations on stiffness and concaves.

      This process it's validated by the Serial Number laser engraved in each one of our boards, this allow you to have that exact same board, that magic board of yours back at you again.

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