Ronnie Grimberg

Hometown : Houston,TX - US

Ronnie Grimberg, as known as " Roninho" (Ro-knee-no) , in the 90's, has always stand out during the mini ramp sessions at his hometown in the city of Niteroi and Rio de Janeiro, with polished style and assorted copping tricks he used to impress by it's powerful ollies, which made his line complete in any transition. Always liked to street skating and also surfing , interspersed his skateboard sessions with some surf session in Itapuca surf spot and  other "Carioca"  beaches.

Today living in Houston, Texas, he continues grinding his trucks in the coppings of the excellent skateparks available on his new country and in the one at his own backyard.

Roninho make his dream become true launching his own skateboard company, he is the Founder and  CEO of Dreamin'